Efficient and clean

Professional Wallpaper Removal

One of the most challenging home renovation projects is wallpaper removal. Most homeowners are not experienced enough to remove wallpaper in a way that is thorough and doesn’t damage the wall. Thankfully, we offer efficient, mess-free wallpaper removal that saves you considerable time and frustration. Contact us today to see how much easier wallpaper removal is by using a professional.

Benefits of a pro wallpaper removal

Since you never know what you’re getting yourself into during the removal process, you’ll more than likely discover that the wallpaper tightly adheres to the walls and removing it is nearly impossible. There are numerous practical benefits to hiring us instead of attempting a difficult D.I.Y wallpaper removing project that will lead to one big headache.

Prevent damage to your walls

Wallpaper removal will more than likely involve soaking the wallpaper with a special solution to lift it from the wall surface. This process is risky due to excessive moisture weakening the wall. Drywall is particularly vulnerable to damage from overuse of wallpaper solution.

You can remove the risk all together by simply contacting us. We can safely remove wallpaper without damaging your walls. During the removal process, we will scrape the walls slowly and carefully to prevent grooves or damage to the surface behind the wallpaper. Our state of the art equipment and highly trained staff will insure that the wallpaper comes off successfully with little to no damage at all.

Affordable Wallpaper Removal

When you consider the time it will take you to remove wallpaper yourself, the tools you’ll have to purchase, cleaning supplies, solution, and other costs, then you will soon discover that hiring a professional is a wiser choice. The cost to remove wallpaper yourself usually depends on several unforeseen factors. The amount of wallpaper, the walls underneath, any special issues or conditions connected with the wallpaper and even your geographical location and climate will determine the final cost to remove the wallpaper.

With our experts on the job, you don’t have to worry about high cost removal. With our simple process, and fast service, we keep the cost low, while keeping the quality of work high. When we are through, you’ll have a smooth clean wall that is ready for renovation.