Residential & commercial

Cabinetry Services

Whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, or the cupboards, The Painters, Inc is here to give your cabinets a facelift. Our specialties are refinishing, gel staining, and painting cabinetry. For refinishing, we will provide a quick “refresh” by lightly sanding your cabinets, along with touching any stains as needed, and finally applying two layers of finish. For this process, we will remove the cabinet doors and drawers, as well as reinstall them once the job is complete.

As for our painting, we start by applying a bonding primer, which acts as a bonding agent for the two coats of paint that will follow. Painting serves as a cost effective way to bring life back to your cabinets compared to a full on replacement. So not only will you have cabinets that look brand new, but you also won’t be breaking the bank! And if you’re still thinking about replacing your old cabinets, newer fixtures just aren’t made the same, as they are mass produced. Older cabinetry was built to go the distance, so freshening them up is the way to go!

Residential and commercial

Gel staining services

Gel staining is a highly specialized detailed job that requires absolute care and precision. A fresh gel stain will give your door a totally brand new look that’s sure to impress! Gel staining can be done for both exterior and interior doors in both residential and commercial properties. To have your fiberglass doors gel stained, get in touch with us. We are the most trusted paint & stain company in the area.

Benefits of gel staining

Since your door serves as the gateway between the harsh outside weather and the dry weather on the inside it is always caught in a climate tug of war. This is why fiberglass doors are popular. They can withstand the fluctuations of both sides.

A fiberglass door is best protected with a solid gel stain. With time and frequent use, any door finish becomes worn, faded, and dirty and needs a new stain. A fresh layer of gel stain gives your door that new shine and protects it from the elements and sharp contrast in indoor/outdoor temperatures.

Gel staining on fiberglass doors

Our gel staining service can also be used on your fiberglass doors. You will save a substantial amount when compared to investing in a new door. On average, a professional gel stain treatment will cost you anywhere from 40-90% less than a fiberglass entry door. And yet, depending on your door’s wear and tear, the results are exactly the same – a brand new looking door!

Your gel staining professionals

In addition to door conditioning and affordability, an advantage of choosing The Painters Inc. to gel stain your door is that it will be done by professionals you can rely on to do the job right the first time, every time. For 2 decades now, we have gel stained doors for both commercial and residential homes and businesses. Let our team of expert do the job for you which will saves you hours of needless work and headache.

Bring new life to your door

Metal Door Painting

When compared to other types of doors, metal doors require a different approach altogether as they come with their own specific set of challenges. Whether you are hiring us to paint your metal door for the first time or needing an old rusted door restored, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to bring new life to your door.

Our team will paint all metal doors for both commercial and residential properties. Regardless of the size or shape of your door, old or new, or what type of metal it’s made of, we can supply it with a fresh coat of paint that will restore it to looking brand new.

Our painting technique

The technique for restoring old metal doors that are already painted is generally the same for most surfaces. It’s a step by step process of stripping down the old paint and preparing your door for a new coat. Since previously painted doors often create an adhesion challenge when repainting them, our team knows what type of primer and paint to apply and use the right tools for laying down each coat.

Rusty Doors

The combination of outdoor moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide can damage an exterior metal door, resulting in unsightly rusty patches. Sometimes the rust eats completely through the metal, leaving holes in the door. You can restore your metal door by first removing and repairing the rusty areas. Applying a fresh coat of paint will help to protect your door and extend its life while increasing your curb appeal.

Garage door painting

Garage doors are exposed to harsh elements that will eventually cause rust to develop. A rusty garage door is a noticeable blemish that can ruin the look of your garage and ultimately your entire home. We can give your door a facelift with a prep and paint job that will help it stand out and give your home curb appeal.

Since paint will not adhere to rusty metal, and ultimately be a waste of time, we will remove the rust, clean the garage door and apply a rust-inhibiting primer to help extend the life of your door. Our team will finally apply a high quality rust-inhibiting paint to ensure a successful paint job.

New steel door painting

If you recently purchased a new door and need a fresh coat prior to installation, we can quickly apply new paint to your door. Choose your color and let us do the rest. Although most new doors come pre-primed from the factory for shipping protection, we recommend a quality layer of primer prior to the coat of paint. This will preserve the overall finish of the door, keep it rust resistant, and reinforce the adhesiveness of the new paint. Your new door will be ready to install in no time!