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Frequently Asked Questions

Check back here to see answers to some of the questions our clients ask us the most. If you don’t find an answer here, feel free to get in touch with us.
Do you travel outside the Bismarck/Mandan area for estimates?
Yes, we do travel for estimates outside that area. Although, depending on the distance, there may be a charge for the estimate. Typically, it is $350.00 (possibly more, depending on the distance) and if you decide to go with our company, we would apply that toward the deposit on your project.
Do you require a deposit when contracting with your company?
Yes, we do require 20% down to be placed on our schedule.
How many painters can I expect to work on my project?
Typically, we work in pairs depending on the size of the project. If it is a larger project or exterior project, there may be 2 to 3 painters working simultaneously.
How many paint crews do you have?
We generally have five crews but during the peak time of year, we could have six or even seven.
Do you paint steel or metal siding?
Yes, if the siding is not peeling and is just chalky. No, if the original siding is peeling or flaking off. We cannot warranty it, nor is it cost effective for our clients. The amount of prep time it would take to strip all the siding is enormous. Most people find that it is more cost effective to just replace the siding.
When is payment due on my project?

Payment is due upon completion. The Project Manager will have your invoice on the final day of your project, or it may be emailed to you afterwards. You can pay your invoice online with ACH. You may also send a check with the Project Manager. We also accept all Major credit cards, please call the office and we will process over the phone (processing fees apply).

Why would you wash my deck or exterior of my house in the rain?
The reason most stains or finishes fail on a deck is because the surface wasn’t prepped properly. You need to apply a deck conditioner then wash it off. This gives the proper surface to apply the top coat. The reason to wash a house is also to prepare the siding to be painted. Some siding is chalky and needs to be all washed off. Some siding may be simply dirty. You don’t wash a house to strip off loose paint. You may damage the siding.
I was told my project would start the week of… Why can’t you give me the exact day and time?
There are several factors that go into projecting when we will start, and we try to provide as much advance notice as possible. Things to take into consideration are: the size of the project, additions to prior client’s scope of work, the weather, the number of employees, when employees take vacation or possibly they’re sick, employee family emergencies, etc. etc. If any one of these occur, it does affect our overall schedule.
Do you install cabinets or trim work?
No, we do not install them. We can prefinish them in our shop or once they are installed.
Are you able to repair cracks or holes in walls or ceilings?
Yes, for your convenience, we have the ability to do drywall repair and texturing as well. Yes, we also scrape popcorn ceilings. Then we can apply spray texture or hand texture.
How long have you been in business?
The Painters Inc. has been in business for over 30 years, providing painting services in the Bismarck/Mandan area since 1993.
Do you work on Fiberglass front doors?
Yes, we do refinish Fiberglass front entry systems! We can touch up the stain or even change the color of your door if you choose. We recommend that you have a clear coat applied to them every few years to preserve the integrity of your door.
Do you work on mobile homes?
No, we do not perform services on mobile homes.
I’m slightly anxious about having workers in my home. What type of precautions does your company do or have in place, to put my mind at ease?
We do understand your concerns about having strangers in your home! The Painters Inc. requires all employees to pass a pre-employment drug screen as well as a background check. We can also provide references.
Can I leave my home while your painting crew works?
Absolutely. We ask that someone is there on the first day, so our project manager can do a review of the scope of work. After that, we don’t require that you stay while we are working on your project. Matter of fact, some clients like the surprise when they get home! We are fully licensed and insured so there is nothing to worry about.
Do you do background checks or drug testing on your employees?
Yes, job applicants have had an extensive background check as well as a pre-employment drug test prior to being offered employment with our company.
My estimate was done, and I was told I would get an emailed copy. But I haven’t received it. What do I do?
Please call our office at 701-663-1004 and let us know. We will make sure that it gets resent. Sometimes our email estimate attachments end up being filters into “Junk” or “Spam”. Please check those folders as well.
What if I have some changes that I would like to make or additional work that I would like to have taken care of while they’re already at my home?
We encourage you to talk with your project manager if you have changes that you would like to make or additional work that you would like to have completed. In most cases it is more cost-effective for our clients, for us to issue a Change Order during your project than for us to come back after the project is complete. We are always happy to accommodate your requests!
How long will my painting project take to complete?
Typically, we have 2 to 3 employees on a project and each painting project is unique and depends on the scope of work to be completed. Your estimator will discuss with you the projected amount of time for completion. However, most of our painting projects take less than a week to complete, even whole-home repaints.
Why don’t you quote a square foot price over the phone or give me a “ball park” price?
Shooting out a random number doesn’t do either of us justice. Each project is unique and constitutes a visit by one of our estimators. Our estimators will assess the project, understand the customer’s expectations, discuss the time frame for completion as well as determine a price during your visit. We want to make sure that our customer’s expectations are met with every project that we complete!