Reconditioning Wood Siding

Sometimes we have to deal with the neglect of previous homeowners when we purchase a home. And then sometimes things just tend to get away from us and home maintenance is put on a back burner. Either way, for parts of our home like the wood siding, neglect can really take its toll on the materials.

Wood is very porous, even if it’s a nice hardwood species. The harder the wood is, the more dense it is. This is why hardwoods last longer and soft woods decay quicker. If your home siding is made of wood and it hasn’t maintained, the wood can exbit all sorts of problems like cracking, drying out, and becoming a dull-gray color.

This is due to the processes of nature, and not much can be done except to prevent it from happening. Here are some tips from The Painters, Inc. about reconditioning wood siding in Bismark to ensure yours stays in great shape.

UV Sun Ray Exposure On Wood Siding

The sun’s UV rays travel to the earth, creating heat and light. While this light and the energy it creates are vital, it can also become destructive to building materials. Reconditioning the wood siding on the come with a UV resistant product is important. The siding lasts longer and the color stays beautiful for longer.

Process For Reconditioning Wood Siding

The details of the process for reconditioning wood siding will vary from project to project. The condition of the wood will make a difference in the techniques involved. So will the regional climate, what type of wood the siding is made of, whether it is wood shingles or boards, and what the owner’s prefers.

In general, the wood siding reconditioning process involves:
Of course, one of the most valuable benefits of reconditioning wood siding is the increased curb appeal. Your wood siding will look amazing after it’s been refinished. Another benefits is that the siding material lasts longer and stays under warranty. It’s also a much more economical solution vs. replacing the siding.

Wood siding needs to stay well-sealed. Otherwise, mold and mildew or algae can take over behind the siding. It’s important to get rid of these organic substances because they use the wood siding as their food source. If you regularly fight off algae growth, you’ll want to look into a sealant that proves protection from these organisms.

Finding A Good Contractor For Wood Siding Reconditioning Service

An experienced wood siding reconditioning contractor will know all about the different wood types your deck could be made of. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the wood species involved due to close similarities.

If you are looking for wood siding reconditioning service for residential or commercial property in Bismark, call The Painters, Inc. at 701-663-1004 or complete our online request form.